Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Idea Ubahsuai Rumah Semi-D Oleh MCK Architects

Paddington x2 House adalah sebuah projek oleh MCK Architects yang mana mereka menggunakan segala kekreatifan mereka untuk mengubahsuai dan mencantumkan 2 buah rumah Semi-D di Sydney, Australia ini menjadi sebuah rumah dengan keluasan yang maksima dan laman belakang yang sangat-sangat menonjol. Ini adalah ulasan oleh perekanya berkenaan kediaman Semi-D ini:

“Via research and investigation we arrived at a concept of retaining and refurbishing the terraces, maintaining all characteristics and feature to the external skin while hollowing out the insides to allow the new program of contemporary family home. Being a heritage conservation area, the design is respectful and sympathetic with it’s context, while still engaging and challenging in some ways our understanding and perceptions of what heritage actually is and how we are to move forward as architects and 21st century people living in a city, and within a a culture, that is complex and multi-layered, with a need to act responsibly and sustainably for the environment. Our clients were of the same opinion and passionately believe that all aspects of our culture and tradition can co-exist in a 2010 world without any compromise or loss, it just takes intelligent affirmative action.