Friday, April 27, 2012

Set Meja Makan Bercorak Ceria Untuk 16 Orang Rekaan Scott Weston

Apabila aku melihat gambar-gambar hasil karya Scott Weston ini, perut terus rasa lapar walaupun hakikatnya aku ni sebenarnya perlu turunkan berat badan dah sebenarnya. Dah nak tahap obese dah ni. Tengok kerusi merah kat kepala meja ni, rasa cam sayang pulak nak makan pajeri nenas ke, cendol pulut ke, atau pon masak lomak cili api. Bukan apa, takut tertumpahkan kuah ke atas fabrik kerusi tu. Huhu.

Sedikit info daripada tuan punya kamera mengenai set meja makan ini:

"I thought you might like to see the finished images of this glamour dining table. The bespoke table overall size being 1.1 x 4. 2metres and had to seat 16 people comfortably. A table that was solid hardwood with turned timber legs and frame finished with a 50mm resin tabletop in high gloss in matching tomato red. The table was hand rolled/painted to give it a softer texture whilst contrasting with the modern resin material. As the table was the main player in the room everything else went out a bone white in walls and joinery. 14 Kartell Mademoiselle chairs upholstered in Missoni fabric enrich the table surroundings whilst the Showtime host chairs are just pure drama! The linear credenza that sits under the window is lined in black felt and has a very elegant feel when opened to display silver cutlery and Murano glass ware. I was extremely chuffed when the Client hosted a lunch and I was seated at the head of the table-a very rewarding experience indeed. Three cascading Moooi pendants and plaster wall up-lights create flattering lighting to the space."

Dan untuk gambar kabinet di tangga itu, aku kongsikan info dari Scott Weston sendiri:

"The tansu cabinet to the entry foyer draws reference to a typical Japanese tansu cabinet and was manufactured in separate boxes so the whole cabinet can be easily dismantled.We played on the walnut timber veneer external carcass but every drawer or hinged door when opened reveals a high gloss lacquered internal carcass. The entire drawers are made in the high gloss lacquer finish and gently soft-close when not in use."


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